Searching for the
potiental users by re-doing again
Concept of Marketing
Nowadays, to some extent, “All the industries in China can start it again”. Creative thinking and artisan spirit, accurate and experience marketing integration must be the mainstream of future development and transformation in industry area and so it does in electric area.

In view of this, MAXBORN refuses to stick to the usual regulation but keeps thinking how to find out new sale value of switch to make a breakthrough in traditional industry by providing more new design ideas, imagination and extraordinary switch to consumers.
Look into marketing
and search for demands of
young consumer

Creation of brand image
Brand image is one of the key strategy of brand competition. MAXBORN gives up the traditional brand strategy and takes in different design ideas to set up its own brand broadcasting channel and retail environmental identify system to catch up with the global trend in electric area which exactly comply with our aim “simply but extraordinary”.

In this way, we can build up and find out the right way to have further cooperation with future users.


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